A is For: Abortion – Rob Delaney and Phoebe Bottoms

Comedians Rob Delaney and Phoebe Bottoms have a slight difference of opinion when it comes to women and abortion.

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2 Comments On “A is For: Abortion – Rob Delaney and Phoebe Bottoms”

  1. I know many people think that only white older rich men are against abortion but to be honest females are just as divided on the issue so your skit isn’t exactly accurate. I’m pro choice but not everyone who isn’t pro choice is an old white conservative man, or even a man at all. Just some food for thought.

    • I think their argument is our lawmakers for the most part are old white men, and they are the ones making the legislation. Personal oppions will always differ among all people, but unfortunately it will be a very very long time (if ever) until our legislation has mostly women, or at least 50/50

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