A is For: All of Us

A is For seeks to remove the shame and stigma that is placed on those who dare to speak up for women and their right to basic reproductive health care. This year alone, an unprecedented legislative assault on women’s health care has resulted in 60 bills passed in 24 states which restrict access to abortion, a constitutionally protected medical procedure. Lawmakers across the US have shown a blatant disregard for American women’s fundamental right to physical autonomy. The collateral damage in the War on Women is far reaching and disproportionately affects poor women across the country. Access to contraception has been reduced and funding for cancer screenings, family planning services and pre-natal care has been slashed, all in the name of eliminating women’s access to abortion. By wearing the scarlet A and speaking out in support of women’s right to control their own bodies through access to these basic services, we are seeking to change the conversation from one of political posturing to one that best serves the interests of women. Donations made to A is For will benefit organizations such as the Center for Reproductive Rights.

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  1. I love this video. Thank you so much.

  2. I have been ARGUING for ABSOLUTE ACCESS to contraception AND ABORTION (on demand) since the late ’60s when- birth control was not AVAILABLE for unmarried women unless we went to seedy underground places to get it..The ’60s- before the country caught up to the sexual revolution, and Bill Baird was ARRESTED for showing an Audience of students a birth control pill. When guys who wanted condoms from the locked glass case had to say they were fro “disease control”, and girls thought a box of 4X was a box of film. When girls who got knocked up were sent AWAY to homes for unwed mothers, and expected AUTOMATICALLY to give up their babies (and not ALLOWED to see them), and were stigmatized as AMORAL sluts, and their “illegitimate’ children as bastards if they were discovered, even in ALLEGEDLY enlightened places. ALL women who were into sexual self-determination were sluts and whores and ASKING for it. When Roe v. Wade became law, the relief and joy were AWESOME. The contents of a woman’s uterus belonged to us, not to the Akins and Mourdochs and Ryans and rapey transvaginal champions who want to disempower women because they fear ANYTHING that doesn’t fit into their cramped ideological phony religious bullshit boxes. I remind everyone NEVER to take for granted what reasonable people ACCEPT to be natural rights.(That includes the right to ASSISTED suicide). Be AFRAID of the ideologues and the ARGUMENTATIVE noisy ASSWADS who are just dying to subjugate us AGAIn- to enforce that double standard where women stay chaste and stupid, but men get to be cool studs so they can teach their virgin brides about sexual pleasure. And enforce the global gag rule, so woman around the world will stay ignorant and subservient too. Nauseous yet? I’ve been nauseous since the Reagan ADMINISTRATION,
    and I’m not gonna shut up until I feel secure. which will probably be never, unless we “RESIST MUCH and OBEY LITTLE” : Thanks Martha, for promoting ACTIVISM!!!! And for the ANNE Romneys of the world- WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!
    Love, Rita

    • Right on, Rita!

    • I too have been nauseous since the Reagan andministration. I find it appalling that women, or anyone who loves even one woman, would support legislation, not to mention social attitudes, that reduce women to nothing more than the walking incubators of any passing rapist. In this country we have borne the burden, not only of unwanted pregnancy and childbirth, but of contraceptives, & even wanted pre-natal care and pregnancy, not to mention the entire burden of childcare, education for the next generation, and, oh yeah, all of the financial burdens of pretty much any form of health care or social welfare which does not specifically adress the desires (need has nothing to do with it!) of a very small, priviledged, group of men, who’s religions just happen to to champion their misogynic ‘values’. At this point my own uterus is no longer a battleground. But a large percentage of women of child-bearing age seem, not just willing, but eager, to relinquish their autonomy, their personal freedom, and their political rights, in the name of a ficticious vengeful god who will magically restore some kind of social, political, personal, and religious power that none of them has ever posessed. It seems like the last desperate gasp of a dying generation of people who are out of touch with the needs and realities of most women, in fact,most people of either sex. Neither religion, nor the prim moralizing of misogynists, has ever proven to be anything other than destructive, divisive, or harmful to at least half the population of the earth, and, as a result, to all of us.

  3. Abso-fucking-lutely! Thank you!

  4. A is: About me and my rights …. thank you!

  5. I JUST watched this video w/ Martha Plimpton hostessing. I loved it! I Absolutely disagree w/ much of the point being made. – I’d probably fall into the category of “the ANNE Romneys of the world” (- and I sure could use some sleep!). How I love the people & entertainment in this video, though. Ms. Plimpton’s lighting is gorgeous!

    • We’re not “you women”- we’re all women. That reply gets my ADRENALINE pumping. Do you have daughter?
      Do you not think they deserve equal opportunity and a level playing field?

      • Unless you’re Sarah Palin or some other conservative women…then you’re not even really a women. Or so we’re told by feminists. Now why do you think that would be? Oh yeah…because they’re not liberal women who believe the liberal cause. So it’s really not about women, it’s about ideology.

        Thanks for clearing that up.

    • Gee, “Private” … Notice how you are the only person on here who didn’t have the integrity to put their name to their beliefs?

      • oh, please excuse me Rob, i prefer to remain anonymous cuz it makes me feel more comfortable. i don’t think/feel it has to do with “integrity”, but more with safety and protection – straight up, no play on those words – – thanks. and yes, i did take notice that i seemed to be the only person to choose to not use his/her name. // gosh, Rita. I don’t quite understand your first sentence. Yes to your third sentence. I don’t think I can adequately answer your last question, but it has to do more with proper dialogue w/ you and not with not knowing where I stand with respect to your question. (thanks.) Peace be with all of you.

  6. A is for agitation, agony, anxiety

  7. I believe in fairness. If these disillusioned politicians feel they have the right to tell my wife, mother, sisters and friends, (all of whom I love), what they “have to” and “cannot” do with their bodies, I feel I should have the right to force these people to jam a large pineapple in a certain orifice. (Any ideas.)

    • Darryl those politicians feel they have the right to tell your wife and the rest of us what we can do with their bodies. Smoking. Transfat. Big Gulps. Selling a kidney. etc. And liberals are the biggest proponents of telling us what we can do with our bodies…for our own good of course. You guys think a 15 year old girl who can’t drink, drive, vote or get an aspirin from the school nurse is somehow suddenly mature enough to compound one poof judgement with another.

      But killing your unborn baby?


  8. A is for,absolutely,satay out of my medical business

  9. You want all of this so-called reproductive freedom but you want me to pay for it? That is what you want. Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong. You know I’m right. You want us tax payers to pay for your birth control.

    • That’s right Terry. And if we don’t it’s the same thing as banning it. That’s what my sister tells men anyway.

      Stupid, dangerous children…

    • TERRY and BOBJUSTBOB, you wanna talk about costs to the taxpayer? Try to wrap your mind around the costs of children born to women who cannot support them! Currently we have some societal safety nets that kick in *using taxpayer money*, but if you had your way I suppose those programs would be on the chopping block as well. Which would you rather, pay a pittance for contraception or pay for a lifetime of consequences? I work with pregnant woman, many of whom are teenagers, and when a 17 year old sits in my office crying because she had a dream about what her life would be like when she brought a child into this world and her current reality is so far from that dream that she had to make the toughest decision of her life and end her pregnancy, you want me to tell her that she doesn’t have that choice? She is the ONLY person qualified to make that choice, hers is the body that will be hijacked for 10 months, she is the only one who will bear a lifetime of responsibility for the child she would be bringing into this world. You and I can’t know her struggles and her situation, and it is not for us to legislate the trajectory of her life. She has the right to make her own reproductive decisions autonomously, as they will literally affect her every day for the rest of her life.

      • Thank you, NurseRose… Li’l bobby just want’s ’em born, he’s pro-birth, he’s not interested in supporting them after that. (Of course, THAT would be pro-life, but whatever…) And Li’l Terry has no problem with us paying for his Viagra or Cialis to be able to get his own rise, but God-forbid we do something to protect from him creating undesired fertilization. Ironic, no?

        • Yo Steve. You ain’t Bob and you ain’t Terry. So STFU w/ respect to that. Stick your RX-plugging words straight up your no-no hole and …thanks for sharing, Nurse R. Hard to keep the truth under cover when it’s so truly scary whats REALLY going on…

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