A is For: Anger – Holland Taylor

Holland Taylor, actress and playwright, brilliantly speaks to those of us who are angry, and want to do something about it. And to the acceptance of the diversity of our country, the beauty in our differences, and the right of all Americans to live as they see fit.

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3 Comments On “A is For: Anger – Holland Taylor”

  1. It’s a bit astonishing that I click on this video, not ten minutes after a deep conversation re: politics with the my 19-y-o, high school senior nephew! While the gist of his story, told from the school day, was more about marriage equality, the issues are tied together for me — they’re ALL about the denial of rights by a narrow-minded few.

    My “neph” spoke of the “christian nation” fallacy, as well; OMG, our FOUNDING FATHERS themselves debunked that notion in international treaty dealings, pre-‘War of 1812’! So-called ‘christian’ values are all well and good — not necessarily better than those from another source, let’s be honest — but they can only be allowed a peripheral role in our daily dealings in society. (Marriage equality is VALID, even if for no other reason, because the ‘institution of marriage’ is a legal construct, apart from the religious ‘sacrament’.)

    No one can live life for another; therefore, no one can demand of another that they bear some insufferable burden, or judge the other by their own values. The laws of society allow us all to live together in some sort of uneasy peace; that can only continue if personal respect is maintained.

    To those of you with “faith-based issues”, I say: you have your faith, let it guide YOUR life, stop short of guiding MINE! MY faith will guide my life, and regulate my dealings with you — remembering foremost that you will answer for what you do, just not to me. You WOULD DO WELL to remember that, also.

  2. A is for abstinence. Thats what I was told by the right when it came to family planning. There are many more on the right wing that want to keep abstinence only education in the schools. Silly me, I thought that far less chance of needing an abortion if birth control does its job.

    The other day O had heard Tony Perkins argue that marriage has been one man and one woman from the beginning of time. Funny, I remember alot of polygamy in the bible. I also recall that women at that period of time had less value than farm animals. We can see simular treatment in the middle east. Without the right to regulate womens health as the individual woman sees fit, what then is their value in our society. We fight an enemy in the field doing just that, and the warmongers on the right attempting the same thing – The abolishment of womens right over her own body.

  3. A is for Awesome. Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock lost the race. Before we get too excited we should remember the co-sponcer of Paul “Legitimate rape” Ryan maintained his seat. The first battle is over. It is time to prepare for the next.

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