A is For Co-Founder Martha Plimpton Speaks at NYC Unite Women Rally

A is For co-founder Martha Plimpton speaks at the NYC Unite Women Rally on April 28th, 2012.

4 Comments On “A is For Co-Founder Martha Plimpton Speaks at NYC Unite Women Rally”

  1. Is this organization just for NYC women, or can anyone “jump in”?

    • This is a national movement! And yes! You can be a part of it. Visit our DONATE page and get your very own A ribbon. Wear it with pride and spread the word! Also, we’re getting ready to start a new feature where we ask everyone wearing an A to send us a pic along with a sign telling us what their A is For to them! We’ll put up an announcement when we’re ready to receive your pics. Thank you for your support!

  2. Can’t you find another symbol for your movement? Adultery is the heartache of the family, the sadness of children and the helplessness of spouses. Adultery is the loose sand under the foundation of the home. Adulterers need more shame, not less! Bring back the strong unions, and you will bring back respect to women and the strength to men. With your well intentioned pseudo-“movement” you are creating another list for the thought police. Put on more chains, more restrictions! Slavery is Freedom!

    • Really? Should then all the male adulterers out there wear a big red A on their foreheads? Will that make fewer men cheat?

      Or is the shame only reserved to women?

      When in history were women awarded more respect? What does that have to do with giving men strength? Is it only if women are subjugated and shamed that men can be strong?

      If your ideal world is one in which women only get respect, but no choice or freedom, and men need women to be quiet so that men can be strong, you don’t really belong in a country founded on the idea of freedom for all.

      There was slavery and it was abolished. Segregation is over. There is hope that someday true equality and freedom will be achieved. That is the ideal with strive for.

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