A is For Day at TwoFish Baking Company

This Sunday, December 2nd, there will be a unique opportunity to support A is For while enjoying some of the tastiest baked goods in the country. Our friends at the TwoFish Baking Company in The Sea Ranch, California will be hosting “A is For Day”! Owners Margaret Smith and Hilla Ahvenainen have generously offered to donate 50% of Sunday’s sales to A is For.

From the TwoFish Facebook page:

This Sunday, we’re “Taking Back the Right”. We’re joining with the non-profit “A is for …” to help raise awareness about the insidious erosion of women’s reproductive rights. Stuff that we’ve taken for granted for almost forty years. REALLY basic stuff. You’ve no doubt heard the more sensational stories. How women who dare to testify in Congress about contraceptives are called “sluts and prostitutes”. And the rape comments – just when you thought someone couldn’t make a crazier statement about rape, they did. It makes us want to jump in our golf cart and head for the border.

All that was awful – but it wasn’t the worst part. State by state legislatures are passing laws making it more difficult for women to control their reproductive rights in small and big ways. Day after day, month after month, state after state. And it’s got to stop.

So come join us on December 2nd – all day – to help raise funds for “A is for” (www.Aisfor.org)

At 2 p.m. we’ll provide free cookies and coffee (told you we’d come back to cookies) and you can hear from one of our smartest friends – constitutional law professor Julie Nice. She’ll give you plenty of food for thought – calorie free.

And you can help us take back the right.

If you can’t make it on December 2nd, this Sunday, you can still support the cause by ordering TwoFish Baking Company premium granola, energy bars, and special limited edition “A” shortbread cookies online that day –we’ll be donating $2 for each box of granola, $1 for each energy bar and $2 of each 2 pack of cookies sold that day. Sunday would be a great day to do a little online shopping, don’t you think?
Visit us here: http://www.twofishbaking.com/

Let’s talk about that granola for a moment, shall we? This is fantastic stuff. It’s toasty and spicy and everything that’s awesome about granola. Life changing, when you think about it. By ordering online, not only are you getting some incredibly tasty stuff, you’re also helping to support women’s reproductive rights. How fantastic is that?

We’re so grateful for and touched by Margaret and Hilla’s support and generosity. Please follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates and pictures from A is For Day. And in case you need further convincing of just how great they and TwoFish are, this video should do the trick.

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