Global Misogyny Roundup

Pussy Riot was carefully calibrated for protest. (NYT)

In Nicaragua, young girls are forced to become mothers. (IPS News)

How U.S. policies abroad deny abortions to women who are raped in international conflicts. (The Atlantic)

Female students in Iran are banned from over 70 University degree programs. (Telegraph UK)

In Togo, women are planning a sex strike in protest of the nation’s president. (CBS)

British journalist and best selling author Caitlin Moran asks if we need a fifth wave of feminism. (Globe and Mail)

After speaking out about violence against women and children in Mexico, journalist Lydia Cacho is forced to flee the country. (IWMF)

The granddaughter of suffragist Sylvia Pankhurst joins protest against austerity measures in the UK. (Guardian)

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