The Penis Files: A Mockumentary

Until “The Olson Penis” was created by Dr. Olson 10-years ago, historically men’s penises grew for procreation when a woman ovulated and retracted immediately. 200 years ago, men who were devoutly religious and monogamous experienced penile growth for procreation only. Conversely, women have always been born with vaginas and sexual freedom not governed by religion or politics. In February, a committee of women met to discuss “The Olson Penis” being covered by Obamacare.

PARTICIPANTS: (In alphabetical order) Becky Thyre, Drew Droege, Erin Brown, Evan Ferrante, Gary Stockdale, Jay Kogen, Jeff Bowser, Jonathan Nail, Jonathan Schmock, Kelly Carlin, Maggie Rowe, Martin Olson, Mike Rotman, Rick Overton, Sam Pancake, Wendy Hammers

Katie Schwartz, creator of The Penis Files explains how the project was, pardon the pun, conceived: “I have always been active in causes that I’m deeply passionate about, among them women’s rights and equality for all Americans. I’m a feminist and a comedy writer, and producer. I had the privilege of being raised in a matriarchal environment by a mother who fought for what she believed in. Among other things, this was one of her greatest lessons.”

“After watching incredibly powerful and brilliant parodies about this new breed of right wing fascists inserting themselves into my lady parts, being the general of my womb, I was inspired to create a new narrative. I thought what if the tables were turned? What if I could create something that spoke to all of the issues that are pummeling our inboxes, figuratively and literally—healthcare, women’s rights, equal rights, LGBT rights and Obamacare. I wanted to do something that felt like an authentic documentary, that was as absurd and preposterous as the political landscape itself.”

“I created the story, the premise and the questions, but I wanted everyone to improvise the answers, with candor, reverence and without going for the joke. Though this wasn’t my first production, it was my first time directing and I was gifted with the opportunity to work with some of my heroes in comedy. Each one of them generously donated their time to this project and gave me creative license. That took my breath away.”

“Thanks to each of these extraordinarily talented writers, comedians, composers and actors, and my outstanding crew and editor, The Penis Files was born. Collectively, we fought back by telling a story that challenged the ideologies being imposed upon us.”

5 Comments On “The Penis Files: A Mockumentary”

  1. Glad A IS FOR and the amazing Katie Schwartz are getting together. Her satirical skills are powerful tools in penetrating ignorance and reaching people’s hearts and understanding.

  2. This is quasar brilliant!

    One question: are the endless Olson/Olsen typos intentional? The former proofreader in me squirmed a little when I saw them. 🙂

  3. Olson – Love ya baby. Thanks…

  4. Amy, Typos are intentional. I absolutely get the proofreader in you feeling squeamish. I will assume responsibility for all squeamish feelings.

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