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Board of Directors

David Avallone is the director of our organization’s viral video campaign. He was exposed to feminist activism from a very early age: his mother Fran Avallone was a founder of the Right to Choose in New Jersey, and she served as State Coordinator from 1973 to 1995. He lives in Hollywood, California and makes films, and has served on the Bard College Alumni Board of Governors since 1997.

Rebecca Carroll is a writer/editor and the author of five books of narrative nonfiction on race, including the award-winning Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America. She started her media career in New York as a producer for the Charlie Rose show, and later became founding editor of, launched in tandem with the publication of the Encyclopedia Africana, edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr and Anthony Appiah. She then went on to hold senior editor positions at several online and print magazine and news outlets, among them PAPER, ARTINFO and The Huffington Post. Her personal essays, cultural criticism and feature profiles have appeared in various national publications. Of her 2005 book Saving the Race: Conversation on Du Bois from a Collective Memoir of Souls, the late Howard Zinn said — “These thought-provoking reminiscences on race recapture the spirit of W.E.B. Du Bois, and join it to a sensibility of our time.” It is among a very small handful of reasons that keep her writing. Rebecca lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son.

Gina Loukareas is a Boston-based writer, social media strategist and activist.

Kellie Overbey, originally from Kentucky, is a New York actress, writer, knitter, feminist, Democrat, Scorpio, wife, aunt, Science Fiction fan and lover of Boston Terriers.  She’s appeared in numerous TV and film projects, as well as in over thirty plays.  She wrote the screenplay for the film That’s What She Said, which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and will be distributed by Phase 4 Films this summer.

Martha Plimpton is a United States Citizen, actress, and sometime writer based in New York. She has appeared in over 35 films, dozens of television programs, and on stage in theaters large and small for over 30 years. She has been politically active since she was a teenager, marching for women’s reproductive freedom in the 80, 90s, and now, unfortunately, the 10s. She has lobbied Congress on behalf of Planned Parenthood and has spoken out for women’s reproductive rights at campuses and rallies across the country. Martha will work to see that a woman’s right to physical self-determination becomes the standard in America for as long as it takes.

Shannon Woodward is an actress and activist living in Los Angeles, CA.