Your Nightly Need to Know 10/9/12

Mitt Romney claims he has no plans to put forth anti-choice legislation if elected President. (Huffington Post)

President Obama responds by saying women simply can’t trust Gov. Romney. (Talking Points Memo)

Vagina should not be a dirty word in Michigan and Indiana. (PolicyMic)

Republicans in Iowa seek to end publicly funded abortions. (

Why Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia’s recent comments on abortion and gays prove that he’s a fraud. (Salon)

Planned Parenthood PAC targets Mitt Romney in Colorado. (Talking Points Memo)

The Center for Reproductive Rights launches the “Draw the Line” campaign which aims to create a Reproductive Bill of Rights. (Mother Jones)

Is it your body or not? (Huffington Post)

An Argentine court blocks a rape victim from having an abortion. (Fox News)

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3 Comments On “Your Nightly Need to Know 10/9/12”

  1. This is so important in this election. Please send this message out as much as possible.

  2. So, Multiple choice Mitt has no plans to change reproductive rights. He might be telling the truth about that. You see, he wouldn’t have to. Thusfar in 2012 we had seen bills to ban sex selective abortion in the federal government, we had seen states issue draconian regulations to outlaw abortion, there is the attempt for 14th amendment to cover a fertilized egg, There is the personhood bill which would outlaw invetrofertilization and hormonal birth control. Romney wouldn’t have to do anything, he would just in the words of grover norquist sign what lands in front of him. However, seismographs in China would register the seismic activity of the mad rush of politicians rushing to the oval office to have yet another bill signed whether it be violence against women, changing the definition of rape, or whatever else their twisted little mind creates.

    My point is that is that it isn’t just about the presidential election. To succeed, we must rid the three branches of government of teabaggers and evangelicals David Brody of CBN calls them ‘teavangelicals.’

    There is just as much anti abortion legislation on the state level than there is on the federal government. Since the ‘reagan revolution’ of the 80’s we can see a slow but steady riseover the last 30 years. To succeed we must organize and build a flood wall against the rising tide. These people still blame Eve.

    Michele bachmann rescently stated that “there is no war on woman.” This coming from a woman who during her brief run for the white house openly bragged about being submissive to her husband?!

    If what I say seems to be an enormous task, it is. It is the way the Right wing has been fighting for the last 30 years. We have some catching up to do.


  3. But then again I listened to a reeivw on NPR this morning and an NPR reporter reporting on a blog from a newsanchor at NBC struck me as way too soft for general consumption. It was as though they couldn’t actually reeivw a political blog, as the teasers leading up to it declared, because it would be perhaps a bit too honest or forthright for their audience. So they stuck to MSM MSM MSM all the day long. I appreciate that the mode of the MSM is getting effected by instant publishing but I can’t help but feeling really let down and hoodwinked by the teaser/story which ran on NPR today on William’s efforts to bring more transparency to what they do over there.

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