Your Nightly Need to Know 10/9/12 Oct09


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Your Nightly Need to Know 10/9/12

Mitt Romney claims he has no plans to put forth anti-choice legislation if elected President. (Huffington Post)

President Obama responds by saying women simply can’t trust Gov. Romney. (Talking Points Memo)

Vagina should not be a dirty word in Michigan and Indiana. (PolicyMic)

Republicans in Iowa seek to end publicly funded abortions. (

Why Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia’s recent comments on abortion and gays prove that he’s a fraud. (Salon)

Planned Parenthood PAC targets Mitt Romney in Colorado. (Talking Points Memo)

The Center for Reproductive Rights launches the “Draw the Line” campaign which aims to create a Reproductive Bill of Rights. (Mother Jones)

Is it your body or not? (Huffington Post)

An Argentine court blocks a rape victim from having an abortion. (Fox News)

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