Your Nightly Need to Know 1/11/13

posterMaxiA Texas judge denies Planned Parenthood’s request to rejoin the state’s health program. (WTAQ)

Mississippi’s only abortion clinic misses today’s deadline to comply with TRAP laws. (WJTV)

Republican Congressman Phil Gingrey supports Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” claim. (Think Progress)

A déjà vu Congress targets reproductive rights, again. (Salon)

Guns, abortion and mistrust. (New York Times)

Hobby Lobby’s $1.3 million dollar loophole. (CNN)

NYC medical examiner’s office to reexamine over 800 rape cases for mishandling of evidence. (New York Times)

How Parenthood handled an abortion storyline. (Indiewire)

The one Oscar nominated movie you must see. (Slate)

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