Your Nightly Need to Know 1/17/13

Nat'l Organization For Women Marks Roe V. Wade Anniversary At Supreme CourtIt’s time to repeal the Hyde Amendment. (The Nation)

Operation Rescue files a new complaint over the renovations of Dr. George Tiller’s clinic. (Kansas City Tribune)

Notre Dame’s double standard when it comes to dead women and football. (Salon)

Dehli gang rape and murder case is being fast-tracked, could begin as soon as Monday. (Jezebel)

Most Americans no longer think the abortion debate is all that important. (Slate)

Mississippi gives us a glimpse into life without Roe. (RH Reality Check)

Patrick Leahy: Violence Against Women Act is first bill I will move this year. (Huffington Post)

GOP pollster to Republicans: Consider rape a four letter word. (Maddow Blog)

VA panel votes down abortion bill. (News Advance)

Abortion rights 40 years after Roe. (New Yorker)

How state governments are regulating away abortion. (Businessweek)

Study shows that nurses practitioners, physician’s assistants can safely perform first trimester abortions. (UCSF)

Idaho lawmaker compares abortion to prostitution. (Think Progress)

Berkeley Law launches Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice. (Berkeley Law)

Rush Limbaugh’s latest abortion idiocy. (Salon)

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