Your Nightly Need to Know 1/25/12

Bettina Hager, Jeff FosterCarlsbad legislator files new version of controversial “fetus as evidence” bill. (KOB)

The Right’s attack on Roe v. Wade at 40: The Hyde and Helms Legacy. (Truthout)

Top 10 reasons why the fight for reproductive justice isn’t over. (American Progress)

Did the anti-choice movement lead to an increase in single motherhood? (Slate)

Before abortion was legal. (NYT)

How defunding Planned Parenthood hurts women. (The Tennessean)

Indian women are given knives and chili pepper from the government to protect themselves against rape. (Telegraph UK)

The was against street harassment. (Vice)

The war on sex workers. (Reason)

Women leaders call for gender equality at the World Economic Forum in Davos. (CBS Marketwatch)

Emily’s List celebrates 2012 milestones. (Feministing)

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