Your Nightly Need to Know 12/6/12

Michigan senate okays law that requires women to purchase additional insurance for elective abortions. (Detroit Free Press)

The Michigan senate also voted to expand “conscience clause” exemptions to pharmacists and employers. (RH Reality Check)

More on the extreme anti-choice measures Michigan lawmakers are trying to force through their lame duck session. (Think Progress)

A look at faith leaders who are fighting for reproductive justice at the state level. (Center for American Progress)

With the failure of the “Heartbeat Bill” in Ohio, is the GOP changing its tune on abortion? (Policy Mic)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is pressured to address abortion rights while in Ireland this weekend. (Think Progress)

Advocates push the Department of Health and Human Services to remove age restrictions on emergency contraception. (Women’s Health Policy Report)

One Comment On “Your Nightly Need to Know 12/6/12”

  1. Is this 2012 or are we going backwards in time..seems as if it is before the sixties and all that had been hard fought for and won…Is now lying by the wayside…Wake up you people before we women have no rights at all over our own bodies

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