Your Nightly Need to Know 1/29/13

clinicLate term abortions won’t be performed at Wichita clinic when it reopens. (

NY republicans plan to block Gov. Cuomo’s proposal for expanded abortion access. (Fox 23)

Arkansas House committee votes down ban on abortion funding by one vote. (Arkansas Business)

South Dakota bill would exclude weekends and holidays from 72 hour abortion waiting period. (Think Progress)

Fargo clinic director says new regulations would effectively ban abortion in North Dakota. (Grand Forks Herald)

The FDA allows college campus to expand contraception access with a Plan B vending machine. (Think Progress)

Anti-choice groups plan to storm Reproductive Parity Bill hearing in Olympia, WA on Thursday. (Seattle PI)

Anti-choice group to lawmakers: Please, let’s talk about rape! (Mother Jones)

Four things the religious right is blaming women for this month. (Care2)

Does NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg have a problem with women? (Gawker)

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