Your Nightly Need to Know 2/4/13

blog-abortion-generic-500x280-v01_0Catholic hospital says it was ‘morally wrong‘ to argue fetus is not a person. (CNN)

TN bill would require ultrasound before abortion. (WBIR)

Arkansas House OKs abortion restrictions. (SFGate)

Legal expert examines Ark. abortion proposals. (4029TV)

Some abortion bills set to die in Miss. House. (NewsTimes)

Texas State Health Services Enacts Intrusive Abortion Reporting Requirements Despite Widespread Public Opposition
(RH Reality Check)

Which state will ban abortion first? (ACLU)

Kansas abortion bill opponents prepare For comeback. (Huffington Post)

The Not-So-Lofty Origins of the Evangelical Pro-Life Movement (Religion Dispatches)

Contraception Stamps“? (MSNBC)

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