Your Nightly Need to Know 2/8/13

Dallasbb2Bill Would End Abortion Coverage For State Employees (11 Alive)

North Dakota House Passes Two Anti-Choice Bills (Bismark Tribune)

Kentucky Senate Passes a Pair of Anti-Choice Laws (WFPL)

Arkansas House Speaker Believes Bill Banning Abortion After Twelve Weeks Will Become Law (Today’s THV)

Washington State Bill Would Require Teens to Get Parental Consent Before an Abortion (KPTV)

Women in the Dakotas Face Fewer and Fewer Reproductive Health Options (Salon)

Tennessee Bill Would Force Women to View Ultrasound Before an Abortion (WTVR)

Texas Lawmaker Seeks To Ban Planned Parenthood From Providing Sex Ed in Public Schools (RH Reality Check)

Catholic Bishops Say No to Obama’s Contraception Compromise (Slate)

Faith Website Blocks Writer From Using That Icky Word ‘Feminism’ (Jezebel)

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