Your Nightly Need to Know 5/12/12

This week, we’re debuting a new daily feature here at A is For. We’re bringing you a rundown of the top stories in women’s rights, along with links to things that are too important or too good to miss. If you find a story that you think needs to be included, tweet us the link at @aisfororg.


A disturbing new study reveals that in the United States, rape is more common than smoking. (Significance Magazine)

A is For founding member Lizz Winstead talks with NPR’s Scott Simon about her new book Lizz Free or Die. (NPR)

One of the leading lobbyists against the VAWA is the president of a mail-order-bride company. (Huffington Post)

Fliers sent to low-income women in Texas erroneously instructs them to pick a new, non-Planned Parenthood affiliated health care provider. (Houston Chronicle)

The sponsor of Georgia’s “fetal pain” bill has no problem with forcing c-sections on women with non-viable pregnancies. (RH Reality Check)

The mother of a bullied gay teen writes about her first Mother’s Day without him. (Huffington Post)

Young feminists are not an endangered species. (Opinionness of the World)

Celebrating birth control on Mother’s Day isn’t as counterintuitive as it sounds. (Ms. Magazine)

A look back at the 1950 California senate race when a woman dared to run for office. (The Nation)

As of today, Google’s Doodle has honored 50 notable birthdays: 45 men, 5 women. (Shelby Knox)





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  1. My mom told me about Helen Gahagan Douglas when I was very young. It’s why she would never, ever vote for Richard Nixon. She considered him a scoundrel (and of course was proved correct).

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