Your Nightly Need to Know 5/15/12

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The disturbing trend of criminalizing rape survivors to ensure their testimony in court. (The Nation)

The harrowing story of what happens when Native American women are not protected from their abusers. (WSET)

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is featured wearing a dog collar on Republican challenger’s website. (Huffington Post)

The Obama Administration’s statement against the Republican version of the Violence Against Women Act. (Daily Kos)

Catholic bishops threaten legal action over birth control mandate. (The Hill)

Franciscan University in Ohio drops all student health care coverage in response to birth control mandate. (Chicago Tribune)

The return of Rep. Steve King’s “robo-Skype abortion” ban. (RH Reality Check)

The Year of the Young Feminist. (The Nation)

Walt Disney. Harry Truman. Mark Twain. Rush Limbaugh?!? (Maddow Blog)


Facebook/Twitter Recap


Treating women with respect is now considered “pandering” according to Washington Post’s Dana Milbank. (Mediaite)

Another woman denied the right to testify about women’s reproductive health. Myth, fabrication, etc… (DCist)

Meet MS Rep. Bubba Carpenter. Bubba sees no problem with “poor, pitiful women” resorting to coat hanger abortions. (YouTube)

Giving birth in a Catholic hospital can be dangerous. (Care2)

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