Your Nightly Need to Know 5/19/12

Is there a story involving women’s rights that you think deserves more coverage? Tweet us a link at @aisfororg and we’ll check it out!


At 40, a Memphis abortion clinic gets bolder. (The Tennessean)

The campaign against women. (New York Times)

Mississippi GOP tries to erase Bubba Carpenter’s “coat hanger” remarks from the internet. Good luck with that. (Huliq)

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer defends her assault on abortion rights. (AZ Daily Sun)

Hilary Rosen doesn’t like the term “War on Women.”  You know, because the terminology is the most important issue. (Mediaite)

Can Occupy fight back against the War on Women?  (The Nation)

What happens when safe abortions aren’t available. (Dr. Jen Gunter)


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