Your Nightly Need to Know 5/31/12

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What kind of impact does Facebook culture have on teenage girls? (Miss Representation)

Surprising absolutely no one, the Planned Parenthood “sting” tape was heavily edited. (Media Matters)

Honoring Dr. Tiller: A Collective Remembrance. (Abortion Gang)

The “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act” died in the House after failing to get a two-thirds majority vote. (RH Reality Check)

A GOP spokesperson recommends hurling acid at Democratic female senators. (Little Green Footballs)

A newly released document from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops tells Catholics to prepare for civil disobedience against the contraception mandate. (USCCB)

A controversial billboard depicting abortion and homosexuality as evil disappears, then turns up in a Kentucky bar. (Lex 18)

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