Your Nightly Need to Know 5/8/12

This week, we’re debuting a new daily feature here at A is For. We’re bringing you a rundown of the top stories in women’s rights, along with links to things that are too important or too good to miss. If you find a story that you think needs to be included, tweet us the link at @aisfororg


The horrendous Cantor/Adams version of the Violence Against Women Act re-authorization bill passed the House Judiciary committee today. (Feminist Daily News)

According to Fox News, women are choosing to earn less than men. You know, because women HATE money. (Newshounds)

The annual State of the World’s Mothers report, which assess the well-being of mothers in 165 countries is out. Norway is #1. Niger is #165. The United States is 25th. (PBS)

Is Florida’s Stand Your Ground defense being denied to a victim of domestic violence? (The Nation)

Meet Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a man who believes that women are responsible for all the world’s evils. Literally. (RH Reality Check)

Is being a woman a pre-existing condition? (The Healthcare Blog)

“Severely conservative” Mitt Romney will hold a fundraiser at the home of pharmaceutical magnate Dr. Phil Frost. Dr. Frost is the Chairman of the Board of Teva Pharmaceuticals, maker of Plan B. Awkward! (Think Progress)

House Republican (that’s right) Bob Dold plans to introduce a bill tomorrow that would ensure Planned Parenthood’s access to public funding. Oh, and he’ll be introducing that bill at a press conference WITH Planned Parenthood. (Wonkette)

Kansas Attorney General’s office paid almost $650,000 to outside lawyers in order to defend anti-abortion laws. (Eldorado Times)

Speaking of Kansas, a bill passed in the House will prohibit taxpayers from deducting medical expenses related to an abortion. In addition, drugs that are used to perform or induce an abortion would be subject to a sales tax. (Miami Herald)

Pro-life centers disguised as abortion clinics are coming to Manhattan and Queens. (NY Daily News)

Great news! A fertilized egg can now take the official White House tour. (Democratic Underground)

Rush Limbaugh launches “Rush Babes for America” to counteract the “femi-Nazis”. (Mediaite)

Jessica Valenti pays tribute to MCA and his feminist legacy. (The Nation)

The seven dumbest things Republicans have said about abortion recently. Only seven? (Huffington Post)

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  1. Thank you for doing this. It’s so necessary to get the word out. You’re doing a great job.

    Warmly and supportively, Susan Heath

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