Your Nightly Need to Know 6/11/12

Is there a story involving women’s rights that you think deserves more coverage? Tweet us a link at @aisfororg and we’ll check it out!

Michigan’s full frontal assault on women. (A is For)

Democrats and Planned Parenthood respond to Michigan’s anti-choice omnibus bill. (RH Reality Check)

Mississippi’s’s only abortion clinic struggles to keep operating. (Clarion Ledger)

The geography of abortion reveals some surprising statistics. (The Atlantic)

Connecticut goes against the tide and makes abortion an essential part of their state health care coverage. (CT Mirror)

Anti-choice activist plan to build a “pro-life memorial”, including a wailing wall, in Wichita, Kansas. Wichita was the home of Dr. George Tiller. (KWCH)

The U.S. military’s abortion stance is neither fair nor equitable. (Time)

Abortion rights pioneer Merle Hoffman talks about her experiences, her new book and her hopes for a new wave of abortion activists. (The Guardian)

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