Your Nightly Need to Know 6/13/12

Is there a story involving women’s rights that you think deserves more coverage? Tweet us a link at @aisfororg and we’ll check it out!

The Michigan House passed its 60 page anti-choice nightmare. The bill now moves to the Senate with a vote expected in the Fall. (Detroit Free Press)

Republican Senator Scott Brown called upon the House GOP to support abortion rights for servicewomen. (The Hill)

Anti-choice laws being disguised as concern for women’s health. (The New Republic)

How to spot a counterfeit piece of legislation. (Philadelphia Weekly)

A British doctor explains why he’s proud to be an abortionist. (Huffington Post)

Why conservatives scapegoat single mothers when it comes to the economy.(AlterNet)

American Protestants are jumping on the Catholic anti-birth control wagon. (The Village Voice)

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