Your Nightly Need to Know 6/24/13

texas-women (1)Despite Massive Protests, Texas GOP Rushes Through Abortion Restrictions In The Middle Of The Night (Think Progress)

Texas House Votes to Close 37 Abortion Clinics (NY Magazine)

Fact Checking the Claims in SB5 (KHOU)

A Sunday at the Capitol (Austin Chronicle)

Texas GOP Rep On Abortion: Women Get ‘Cleaned Out’ With ‘Rape Kits’ (Talking Points Memo)

10 Crucial Facts About Rape Kits — True Even in Texas (Huffington Post)

Top Ten WTF Moments of Texas Abortion Debate (Progress Texas)

Stop Telling Liberals and Women to Leave Red States (PolicyMic)

An Open Letter to Anyone Ready to Write Off Texas: Don’t, Because it’s *Your* Future at Stake (RH Reality Check)

Antichoicers’ Premature Victory Dance (Washington Monthly)

US Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Challenge to Mass. Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone Law (

Women Give NY Assembly Speaker Hell After Abortion Provision Withheld in Senate (NY Daily News)

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