Your Nightly Need to Know 6/26/12

Is there a story involving women’s rights that you think deserves more coverage? Tweet us a link at @aisfororg and we’ll check it out!

Rand Paul holds up passage of a flood relief bill by demanding a vote on “personhood.” (Care2)

Rand Paul also holds up Washington D.C. budget autonomy by tightening abortion regulations and loosening gun laws. (Washington Times)

Pennsylvania Minority Leader brags about abortion restrictions. (RH Reality Check)

Mississippi legislator wants to force the state’s only abortion clinic to close. (Think Progress)

Rachel Maddow: If you’re a Republican, it’s scandalous to oppose cancer. (Think Progress)

Women’s health issues are making Eric Cantor’s reelection bid vulnerable. (Think Progress)

Does Aaron Sorkin’s “Newsroom” have a woman problem? (The Frisky)

Florida rape victim can sue for being arrested and denied access to emergency contraception. (The Raw Story)

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