Your Nightly Need to Know 6/7/12

Is there a story involving women’s rights that you think deserves more coverage? Tweet us a link at @aisfororg and we’ll check it out!

Abortion rights activists pin their hopes on the defense bill for a victory in the war on women. (NPR)

Women are denied the opportunity to testify during Michigan’s abortion “super bill” hearings. (RH Reality Check)

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signs new abortion restrictions into law. (NOLA Live)

Attention Mitt Romney: “Shiny Objects” are people, too. (In These Times)

Personhood initiative being pushed in Montana. (Ms. Magazine)

NARAL focused on flipping House seats lost in 2010. (Forbes)

U.S. nuns under fire from the Vatican, plan bus tour across America. (New York Times)

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