Your Nightly Need to Know 7/12/12

A federal judge extended the injunction that keeps Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic open. (New York Times)

Texas doctors are now forbidden by law from mentioning abortion to their patients. (Daily Kos)

Center for Reproductive Rights: The 1st Amendment does not included the right to deceive women. (RH Reality Check)

More abortion restrictions are expected in Mississippi. (KTVB)

Study: Abortion-rights cuts dividing America. (Seattle PI)

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoes SB 79, which would have made it possible for any employer to deny contraception coverage. (RFT)

Economic recovery is slower for women. (Huffington Post)

Alaska state health officials propose new regulations on paying for abortions. (SF Gate)

Family planning returns to the international agenda. (The Economist)

How to make a rape joke. (Jezebel)

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