Your Nightly Need to Know 7/13/12

The Center for Reproductive Rights files a lawsuit against Arizona’s 20-week gestation ban on abortions. (RH Reality Check)

A judge rules that Mississippi’s only abortion clinic can stay open for now. (Chicago Tribune)

The GOP’s effort to pull out of Medicaid is part of the War on Women. (Think Progress)

An Alabama woman has appealed to the state’s Department of Public Health to reopen a Birmingham reproductive health center. (DJournal)

Hanifa Safi, a leader in the Afghan movement for women’s rights, was assassinated by a magnetic car bomb that had been attached to her car. Her husband and daughter were critically wounded. (Ms. Magazine)

Have we reached a tipping point on sexism and video games? (Think Progress)

Reports of Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice as a possible VP pick have angered anti-choice activists. (Wall Street Journal)

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