Your Nightly Need to Know 9/28/12

Why sexual fundamentalists dominate politics. (AlterNet)

A loophole in Indiana’s abortion law could make it harder for women to obtain a medicinal abortion. (Newser)

Activists file a lawsuit against the Colorado Secretary of State in an effort to get “personhood” on the November ballot. (Yahoo)

Pointless new regulations could force most of Virginia’s abortion clinics to close. (Jezebel)

Todd Akin’s “ladylike” comment typifies the GOP’s problem with women. (Guardian)

Missouri fines Aetna $1.5 million for not allowing employers to opt out of contraceptive coverage.(IBT)

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal says that marriage equality will lead to overturning the Second Amendment. (New Civil Rights Movement)

A group of pastors urge Hobby Lobby to drop their contraception mandate lawsuit against the government. (PJ Star)

222 million reasons to celebrate World Contraception Day. (BayCitizen)

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