Your Week in Review 5/8/12-5/13/12

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Week in Review

The horrendous Cantor/Adams version of the Violence Against Women Act re-authorization bill passes the House Judiciary committee. (Feminist Daily News)

The annual State of the World’s Mothers report, which assess the well-being of mothers in 165 countries is out. Norway is #1. Niger is #165. The United States is 25th. (PBS)

Is being a woman a pre-existing condition? (The Healthcare Blog)

House Republican (that’s right) Bob Dold plans to introduce a bill tomorrow that would ensure Planned Parenthood’s access to public funding. Oh, and he’ll be introducing that bill at a press conference WITH Planned Parenthood. (Wonkette)

The seven dumbest things Republicans have said about abortion recently. Only seven? (Huffington Post)

Mother Jones profiles survivors of North Carolina’s barbaric eugenics program. (Mother Jones)

NARAL Pro-Choice America president Nancy Keenan is stepping down. (Washington Post)

Phyllis Schlafly wants to require hospitals to ask a woman if she’s ever had an abortion, regardless of the reasons for her visit. (RH Reality Check)

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signs “gateway sexual activity” bill into law which would allow parents to sue Planned Parenthood for providing information on safe sex. (The Tennessean)

Mitt Romney will give the commencement address at Liberty University tomorrow. Please enjoy Liberty’s guide to “Female Modesty. (Right Wing Watch)

A disturbing new study reveals that in the United States, rape is more common than smoking. (Significance Magazine)

A is For founding member Lizz Winstead talks with NPR’s Scott Simon about her new book Lizz Free or Die. (NPR)

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