You’ve Got Martha Plimpton

Martha Plimpton discusses her history of advocating for women’s rights and what led her to create A is For. To get your own “A” ribbon, click here!


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  1. Heather Wise-Cape

    My dear Martha, you are most enlightened young woman and I have just joined this venue not knowing of you being a spokesperson but as an accomplished actor from a very young age..koodos to you!
    I live in Canada, Quebec to be exact and we have many many women living back in the day..But even more importantly that I have made it my business to teach my daughters well…
    The saying goes live and let live…Women all over the world should take heed…if they do believe they have worth, not to be afraid to stand up and be counted..
    People do need to believe in something higher than themselves. I personally don’t know why but such is life…
    These are MAN made objectives to keep their women suppressed and with the family conditioning over thousands of years because of this conditioning women mother grandmother’s have become part of the problem..
    It will take a lot of support, education and open dialogue…and most importantly time…
    Hopefully sooner than later..
    Because now with a new guard trying to break down the laws and come into power we are in deep trouble as women…
    Sincerely Heather Wise-Cape

  2. As an 83 year old grandmother, it amazes me that the women and the decent men in our society do not bring up the problem of men not taking responsibility for their unwanted children.

    These are not immaculate conceptions!!! Abortion is not a women’s responsibiity it is a man and woman’s responsibility.

    The system burns, poisons mutilates and slashes women but they give the men Viagra.

    Where are the religious, the medical industry and the politicians
    on this subject? Why don’t we make these irresponsible men take up their 50% of the responsibility???

    If women would take the lead in this idea you’ll see the male cowards change their tune and shut up!!!

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