A Is For Joins the Open to All Campaign

A is For is proud to announce our support of Open to All, a nationwide campaign to protect our country’s nondiscrimination laws. This campaign was created in response to Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a court case in which a bakery owner in Colorado refused to create a cake for the wedding of plaintiffs Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins on the grounds that their marriage violated his religious beliefs.  Masterpiece Cakeshop lost their case in Colorado, when the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled that public businesses must serve everyone. Masterpiece appealed, and the Supreme Court heard their case on December 5th.

This is not a case about cake. It is an attempt to dismantle the nondiscrimination laws that are integral to our freedoms as American citizens. If Masterpiece wins their case, the door would be opened for businesses to discriminate not only against LGBTQ citizens, but people of color, women, immigrants, people with disabilities, single mothers, people of different faiths, and the list goes on and on.  To learn more about the implications of this case and why this campaign is so important, visit the Open to All Fact Page.

Like Open to All, A is For was founded as a response to the ever escalating attacks on our human rights from the religious right. We believe that the religious beliefs of one group should have no bearing on any individual’s right to access healthcare on their own terms; likewise, we believe that religious beliefs cannot be used as a license for discrimination in public businesses, or anywhere else.

A is For stands in solidarity with over 100 other organizations to remind our nation that the United States Constitution promises equal treatment under the law. We are proud to stand with Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins, and hope you will join us by taking action and spreading the word.

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Meredith Forlenza