Martha Plimpton, President

Plimpton is a United States Citizen, actress, and sometimes writer based in New York. She has appeared in over 35 films, dozens of television programs, and on stage in theaters large and small for over 30 years. She has been politically active since she was a teenager, marching for women’s reproductive freedom in the 80, 90s, and now, unfortunately, the 10s. She has lobbied Congress on behalf of Planned Parenthood and has spoken out for women’s reproductive rights at campuses and rallies across the country. Martha will work to see that a woman’s right to physical self-determination becomes the standard in America for as long as it takes.

Kellie Overbey, Executive Director

Overbey, originally from Kentucky, is a New York actress, writer, knitter, feminist, Democrat, Scorpio, aunt, Science Fiction fan and lover of Boston Terriers.  She’s appeared in numerous TV and film projects, as well as in almost 60 plays.  She wrote the screenplay for the film That’s What She Said, which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and is available on Netflix.  She believes reproductive care is healthcare, and that abortion is a human right.

Gina Loukareas, Vice-President

Meredith Claire, Treasurer

Amanda Duarte, Secretary

Duarte is the creator and host of Dead Darlings, the “Absolute Best Reading Series in NYC” (NY Mag). She is also a regular at comedy and storytelling events throughout the city, an outspoken feminazi cunt on social media and the co-creatrix of the global meme #PussyGrabsBack.

Chelsea Altman

Altman cares deeply that women have the right to choose what’s best for their bodies and get the care they need regardless of race, religion, geography, or finances. She also owns some yummy restaurants in Brooklyn.

Carolyn McCormick